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Fire and Ice by breaking-reality Fire and Ice :iconbreaking-reality:breaking-reality 1 2 Vampire by Miko-the-moogle Vampire :iconmiko-the-moogle:Miko-the-moogle 4,786 569 Bar Maid by CorvidaeArt Bar Maid :iconcorvidaeart:CorvidaeArt 5 7 A whisper... by CottonValent A whisper... :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 68 13 Snowy Escape by living-forthe-end Snowy Escape :iconliving-forthe-end:living-forthe-end 1 8
There's this urge that builds up
When my fingers trace the plastic line
Like a spirit inside this lead
Inside waiting, screaming.
Is it possible there is?
The spirits of our ancients, kept captive inside rock
Lead, graphite, sand, dust, dirt
Kept here, by pieces. To tell us.
Tell me.
I sit and stare as the dead leaves blow
Wondering where they came from, as if it's fall
Gutters cleaned?
Didn't you get the memo?
Spring is here, you silly leaves.
You're suppose to be gone.
But still it flutters at my feet,
As if begging for something.
Clinging to life? Clinging to me as I bend to pick it up
But it dissolves in my fingers, like a sigh
And the breeze takes it from me,
The spirit released to dance as it pleases
Out of our physical word commanded by science,
And into another, with a science we can't comprehend.
It tugs at my soul as I feel the wind beckon, to join.
And inside I laugh, I scream, and I cry all at once.
Don't you understand?
Didn't you get the memo?
I can't yet. Whoever you are
:iconeclipz04:eclipz04 2 14
La Luna by ann-athema La Luna :iconann-athema:ann-athema 2 6 Violin Scroll BW by kineticdesign Violin Scroll BW :iconkineticdesign:kineticdesign 2 3 A Soldier's Heart by slshimerdla A Soldier's Heart :iconslshimerdla:slshimerdla 382 393
To Find a Better Home
I sit and wonder
why I'm still alive
with all the shit I've done
I have to keep striving.
Striving for my life to end
seeing what will become
of my family and friends
I take the knife and press it to my wrist
and with all my courage I proceed to slit.
within the first few seconds
my blood fills my new wound
oh, God please let this be the final time.
Please don't spare my life this time
take it with all your strength and might.
I don't want to live anymore.
I'm just causing more pain to myself
and each time the hardest part is to try and gain.
Gain it all back so I can once again
bleed all over the floor.
Blood stains everywhere
Please make them stop, lord.
I have prayed to you each day
to take my life away
but you have not answered my prayers
why, oh why lord
haven't you been there?
to end it all, and cure my pain
don't you know that it's hard
just to regain enough strength
to do it again
but it seems there is a reason
that you want me to live
I have tried and tried so many times
to ta
:iconharlow4life:harlow4life 1 0
Counterfeit Prospective
Counterfeit Prospective
Sit back
take a break,
working hard; a mistake.
Come sit down,
and laugh with me;
such a joy it is; too be free.
I don't think I really know
I don't think I really know
I don't think I really know
I don't think you really know
In the end, no one saves us.
They've forgotten,
They've betrayed us.
We're hopeless,
without purpose.
No, I am never nervous.
I don't care,
if I pass the test,
I'm no good, at what I do best.
I want to stay,
waste time here;
it'll only last, another year.
I don't think I really know
I don't think I really know
I don't think I really know
I don't think you really know
In the end, no one saves us.
They've forgotten,
They've betrayed us.
We're hopeless,
without purpose.
No, I am never nervous.
My family died
they got a divorce;
circumstance my driving force.
It's not my fault,
but I'll take the blame.
everything's changed; it's all the same.
I don't think I really know
I don't think I really know
I don't think I really know
I don't think you
:iconairmega23:airmega23 18 196
'B' by myuh 'B' :iconmyuh:myuh 40 108
Tonight I met my angel,
My lady knight,
My rose,
Lost in a world of darkness,
And suffocating thoughts,
A world of pain and hunger,
Where numbers are all noughts,
And vampires lurk the streets,
My soul, their blood,
They're all hunting for the feed,
As I wade through mist and mud,
I find a lone old shack,
"Help" it's only name,
Wearily I enter,
Needing the end to this game,
I came across an angel,
Who's wings were battered and scared,
And in her hands she simply held,
A small blank business card,
Hers eyes told a story,
Of misery and loss,
And she moved with all the effort,
Of Jesus on the cross,
She beckoned me to sit,
To stay and talk a while,
And as the night dredged on,
Our mouths soon found a smile,
Finally she stood,
And with a sadness in her tone,
She looked into my soul,
And she said "it's time to go"
Again I wade through darkness,
Through the murky mist and mud,
Back to the hunting vampires,
Our souls, their blood,
However I move with a smil
:iconeyesofdread:eyesofdread 2 4
Ice by aibrean Ice :iconaibrean:aibrean 10 7
I can see the ages
When I look in your eyes.
As I write these pages
You change the tide.
Its been a long time
Since we seen those days.
Then the bells chime,
You fade away.
I hear the angels
Whisper your name.
Then a tear I feel
you claim your fame.
Forgotten in time
are the bad times we had.
Together we will shine
untill then I'll be sad.
While we where together
We knew nothing of pain.
Then you gave up forever.
and I began to go insane.
The light of today
Shines on trough tomorrow.
Your not alone on the bay
Nor in the sorrow.
Today is meant to mourn
And to cry those shatered tears.
When they hit the floor
You will forget my fears...
Keep this poem from this day forth,
And only for this day.
It will be well its worth,
As you ride on the crystal bay...
By: Bobby Glen Wallace Jr.
In memory of Jesse and Jill, whom shard a sacred love
:iconvampire-of-fate:vampire-of-fate 2 4
To All Those Guys
By now I think that you should know
most things here will come and go
things we wish to have and hold
will never last until we're old
what we have will never be
then you'll wish you were like me
forgetful, ditzy, full of life
engaged to be somebody's wife
yes, I love him, yes it's true
yes, I'll never be with you
get over me, go turn around
stop that pouting, ditch the frown
if you can't move on then go away
just don't stand here or sit and stay
I'm not yours and you're not mine
What I did was not a crime
yes, I know you wanted me
yes, I'm rare and not for free
Dodge the bullet, bite the dust
You didn't love me, didn't lust
I am unique and that is that
Cover your shame with my hat
yes, it's tough, yes it's hard
yes, I know your heart is marred
But I love him, but it's true
And through it all, I'm here for you.
:iconaibrean:aibrean 5 10



United States
Current Residence: 3rd box to the left, with the duck sitting on it.
Favourite genre of music: Why? are you going to give me some cd's?
Favourite photographer: Wal*mart man
Favourite style of art: the kind that i can see...
Operating System: XP
Wallpaper of choice: Iria
Skin of choice: the kind that covers your muscles.
Favourite cartoon character: happy noodle boy, Brigadier General Maes Hughs
Personal Quote: It's like an ecstasy trip without all that pesky dying.
As soon as I get a dual USB cable my scanner will be functioning and i might start putting some new stuff up for the first time in...ages I guess. Hopefully someone will favorite something OTHER than fan art for once..
  • Listening to: The Flaming Lips- Fight Test
  • Reading: Of Human Bondage
  • Watching: Nate roll cigarettes


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